Tito Rabat will Retain His Lead after the Assen Race

The result of the next Moto2 race in Assen may not affect the top of the Moto2 Championship table as Tito Rabat will be on the top of the table during the summer break. His rivals may only reduce the margin with the next race result in Assen. Tito Rabat’s win in the Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya made the point gap extended to 34 points to the second place Mika Kallio who is also Tito Rabat’s team-mate. The possible 25 points for Mika Kallio on the Assen race may not affect the leading position on the Moto2 Sbobet Championship table.
This situation may bring more motivation for the other riders to reduce the gap with Tito Rabat to keep the possibilities in winning the Moto2 title this year. Mika Kallio and Maverick Vinales should be more competitive to keep the opportunities to compete for the 2014 Moto2 title alive. Tito Rabat is leading the table W88 Casino with 149 points while Mika Kallio in second with 115 points and Maverick Vinales in third with 89 points. The last race in Tito Rabat’s home circuit put him on a clean victory sweep with the start from the pole position and also having the fastest lap during the race Daftar Sbobet.


Minnesota Timberwolves may Trade Kevin Love for First Round Draft Pick this Year

Kevin Love was drafted by Minnesota Timberwolves in 2008 when he was 19; it was an odd and very nervous situation for him to get his name mentioned during the draft night. Six years after his draft by the Timberwolves; the 3 time NBA All Star’s name is once again being the trending topic related to this year’s draft pick. The Minnesota Timberwolves is likely wanted to trade him to the other teams with the right for the first round as part of the acquiring Kevin Love package with sbobet. Teams like Cleveland, Chicago, Denver or Boston may use the first round picks and trade it with Love.
The trading players opportunities this year may never happened after the team can observe the players that they can draft this year and decided the possible trading. Isaiah Thomas who is a former player said that the players Agen Sbobet and coaches would like to have certainty related to the team member, but the management may have different point of view related to the financial and cultural aspects as well the players that the club can have. Those aspects are among the riddles related to Kevin Lowe’s future with Minnesota Timberwolves.